Injecting Shellcodes into processes....

Sometime ago, many security focused sites and mailing lists were abuzz with the release of a new tool called ShellCodeExec that has the ability to execute alpha numerically created shellcode (as commonly generated with the Metasploit Framework) the link to the tool can be found here.

Can be compiled and works on POSIX (Linux/Unices) and Windows systems.

Can be compiled and works on 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Works in DEP/NX-enabled environments: it allocates the memory page where it stores the shellcode as +rwx - Readable Writable and eXecutable.

It supports alphanumeric encoded payloads: you can pipe your binary-encoded shellcode (generated for instance with Metasploit's msfpayload) to Metasploit's msfencode to encode it with the alpha_mixed encoder.

Set the BufferRegister variable to EAX registry where the address in memory of the shellcode will be stored, to avoid get_pc() binary stub to be prepended to the shellcode.

Spawns a new thread where the shellcode is executed in a structure exception handler (SEH) so that if you wrap shellcodeexec into your own executable, it avoids the whole process to crash in case of unexpected behaviours.

After a search about that tool I found out also about another tool called  Syringe that seemed to work smoother!! with more options,  the link to the tool can be found here. Further reading to a cool blog found here, I found out about the  Syringe options and how to use them.....

Have a look:

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop>syringe.exe
Syringe v1.2
A General Purpose DLL & Code Injection Utility


Inject DLL:
syringe.exe -1 [ dll ] [ pid ]

Inject Shellcode:
syringe.exe -2 [ shellcode ] [ pid ]

Execute Shellcode:
syringe.exe -3 [ shellcode ]

And after an extensive research in the internet I found some interesting link about downloading ShellCodes with interesting features which you can find here. Have fun.............